Monthly Archives: September 2014

Its a Girl!


Its a girl! Our beautiful and tough little lady Cecily Parker Plumb (CeCe) was born was born late Thursday night, September 18th at 8lbs. The labor was grueling and more complicated then I had hoped, but we all got through it together (with our incredible doula) and are much stronger for it. I hope to write the birth story while I still remember it, and have reminder for myself  of the ‘impossible’ things I can do when I really have to. She is perfect, already teaching us big things and we are obsessed. xoxo…

The waiting room


Its my Due Date Eve. I realize a ‘due date’ is arbitrary and really holds no meaning as to when a baby is likely to be born, but for me its something I wasn’t sure would ever happen, and have been waiting for for much longer then 40 weeks. Motherhood has always been a goal of sorts that I’ve never taken lightly and was always willing to wait for. In my adult life I’ve waited indifferently, I’ve waited with great frustration and now that its reality I wait quietly keeping my impatience in check.

I’ve never wanted a baby above…