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thankful_vertsOur first Thanksgiving as a new family wasn’t of the Norman Rockwell variety, but that’s not how we roll. The baby cried (a lot) and the husband worked, but nonetheless it was a great couple days with extended family in town.

The ladies woke up early to join 30,000 of our closest friends to walk a 5k and earn an extra helping later. This was my first year at the end of the pack in the stroller zone, and stroll we did with our 1:49 finish time. PR I did not, but I met one of my favorite…

X bench makeover


Earlier this summer a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to give a good home to some furniture from her parent-in-laws’ estate. I love old pieces but I especially love furniture (or anything) with a meaningful story that was a part of someone special’s home. I took a couple pieces knowing I could give them a new life and finally got around to some updates. Even though I have a needy infant, she does nap and I need a creative outlet to stay sane. Now that we finally have a house, and the space to…