Scheming: Curb Appeal

Thank you for the well-wishes and thoughts on going back to work back last week. Its a lot to get used to and a lot of bags I’m schlepping to/fro but we did great and no major fallouts so far (we’re still sleeping, yay!). :*

One of my favorite things to say is “I have an idea.” Unfortunately its also my husband’s least favorite thing to hear. Right behind “Can we talk about something?” We’re working on that.

Jasper_doorThe whole reason I wanted to buy a home is so that I can have as many ideas as I want…

X bench makeover


Earlier this summer a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to give a good home to some furniture from her parent-in-laws’ estate. I love old pieces but I especially love furniture (or anything) with a meaningful story that was a part of someone special’s home. I took a couple pieces knowing I could give them a new life and finally got around to some updates. Even though I have a needy infant, she does nap and I need a creative outlet to stay sane. Now that we finally have a house, and the space to…

Cecily Newborn Photos


When CeCe was about 2 weeks old we had Penny Sylvia over to capture some photos of our little family. I just wanted a really relaxed shoot that was a bit of a time capsule of us in our new house. Just coming out of my postpartum fog I didn’t spend a lot of time doing my hair or makeup–we just kind of went with it and luckily the baby (and beagles!) cooperated.





At some point I may do a post on the nursery design, but here’s a peek. Since we didn’t know the baby’s gender,…