Nacho Family Camping 2015

Every year since I can remember (give or take a few missed), my extended family meets somewhere to campout in nature. Sometimes my mom and aunt(s) join, but its become more of a tradition for my dad, brothers, uncles and cousins. Now that many of us are scattered in various directions, its always fun to catch up with each other, teach the kids our traditions, and make new ones. This year we scored reservations at Pfeiffer Big Sur and for her first time camping Cecily got to sleep in a tent, snuggle around the…

Mothers and daughters

Hi blog! I think about you a lot but the old fear of the blank page stops me. Or I have some great idea that involves way too much planning, photographing and pulling together to make it possible for now. Or I just forget what my great idea was in the first place. I read that most blogs are abandoned within 3 months, and as much as I have going on right now I’m still not ready to wave the white flag. Out of the 4 Reasons That Most Bloggers Fail I think I’m mostly guilty…

Back to life

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Tomorrow is Sunday. A day that will once again take on that familiar weight that Sundays can have. For the last 4 months I’ve been on maternity leave getting to know this new person in our lives, healing my body and becoming a mother. She has changed so much since we first met in September, I’m already reminiscing about what holding an 8 lb newborn felt like and trying to lock it in my synapses. Every day it seems a new piece of her personality presents itself and we fall in love a little more. She tends to…


thankful_vertsOur first Thanksgiving as a new family wasn’t of the Norman Rockwell variety, but that’s not how we roll. The baby cried (a lot) and the husband worked, but nonetheless it was a great couple days with extended family in town.

The ladies woke up early to join 30,000 of our closest friends to walk a 5k and earn an extra helping later. This was my first year at the end of the pack in the stroller zone, and stroll we did with our 1:49 finish time. PR I did not, but I met one of my favorite…

Cecily Newborn Photos


When CeCe was about 2 weeks old we had Penny Sylvia over to capture some photos of our little family. I just wanted a really relaxed shoot that was a bit of a time capsule of us in our new house. Just coming out of my postpartum fog I didn’t spend a lot of time doing my hair or makeup–we just kind of went with it and luckily the baby (and beagles!) cooperated.





At some point I may do a post on the nursery design, but here’s a peek. Since we didn’t know the baby’s gender,…

The waiting room


Its my Due Date Eve. I realize a ‘due date’ is arbitrary and really holds no meaning as to when a baby is likely to be born, but for me its something I wasn’t sure would ever happen, and have been waiting for for much longer then 40 weeks. Motherhood has always been a goal of sorts that I’ve never taken lightly and was always willing to wait for. In my adult life I’ve waited indifferently, I’ve waited with great frustration and now that its reality I wait quietly keeping my impatience in check.

I’ve never wanted a baby above…