Mothers and daughters

Hi blog! I think about you a lot but the old fear of the blank page stops me. Or I have some great idea that involves way too much planning, photographing and pulling together to make it possible for now. Or I just forget what my great idea was in the first place. I read that most blogs are abandoned within 3 months, and as much as I have going on right now I’m still not ready to wave the white flag. Out of the 4 Reasons That Most Bloggers Fail I think I’m mostly guilty of #4–lack of strategy. The irony is that this is something my company does for a portion of our clients. Its always the cobbler’s kids that have no shoes, right?

So, I’m going to think on that more and see if I can put a manageable framework in place. I don’t care about traffic (although feedback is great of course), and have no dreams of attaining blog royalty (they say blogs are dead, don’t they?) so why am I here? I’m here mostly for myself and maybe someday CeCe if the internet still exists. I inherited my mother’s memory and when I pump her for information from my babyhood, let’s just say there are gaps. She had 3 kids and it was a long time ago (and atleast I was first born and have a baby book!) but I would now love to read about my childhood while it was happening and see if it could be used as some sort of rough roadmap with my own daughter. So–I’m here to chronicle this time in my life as a new mother, wife and homeowner and maybe my daughter will get some insight out of it someday. Hey, that’s the beginning of a strategy!

Yesterday I did my monthly clean-out of Cecily’s wardrobe and found my ‘going home’ outfit that my mom had saved from my birth many moons ago along with my baby shoes. Its missing a button and the shoes are scuffed but thank you mom for being great at keeping mementos. Realizing it was barely going to fit her for much longer, and do mark a momentous anniversary of sorts,  we did a little photoshoot.







And since the camera was out, here’s our new favorite toy. I love it because its not ugly and plastic. She loves it because she can pick it up when she drops it and chew all over it.




Speaking of ugly, plastic toys–I swore I wouldn’t do it, but here we go. The biggest, plastic monstrosity out there, and because of that face its worth taking over half the living room.



Cecily at 4 months: A drooling fool but no signs of teeth yet // 98% in length, 68% in weight (15 lbs)  //  Cracks up when we play with her legs  //  Has yet to master the roll-over // Plays with toys!  // Sleeps 8-12 hours a night (please last)  // Wakes up smiling every morning //  Only naps in her swing or on top of the dryer (safely)


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