thankful_vertsOur first Thanksgiving as a new family wasn’t of the Norman Rockwell variety, but that’s not how we roll. The baby cried (a lot) and the husband worked, but nonetheless it was a great couple days with extended family in town.

The ladies woke up early to join 30,000 of our closest friends to walk a 5k and earn an extra helping later. This was my first year at the end of the pack in the stroller zone, and stroll we did with our 1:49 finish time. PR I did not, but I met one of my favorite ‘grammers #irl and it was a gorgeous morning.

My parents hosted their first Thanksgiving in many years at their new house with aunts, uncles and inlaws and put on a great spread. My brothers (+ friends) graced us with their presence as well–having us together is a rare treat but always a guaranteed party . To know them is to love them, or atleast be entertained by them and their stories of things that would never happen to anyone else.  As a kid I often wondered if we were really related (and wished we weren’t) but every year that goes by I appreciate them more then the last. They are both unapologetically themselves–so alike, yet so different, and unlike anyone else on the planet. Also quickly becoming the best uncles a little girl could ask for.








The Parker family has always had each other’s backs, but something about adding a baby to the mix has brought everything to another, better level. Maybe its me seeing through my shiny maternal filter, but I swear everyone is just happier. She’s that injection of something new that seems to have given everyone a fresh perspective. When you have a good thing going its easy to forget and take it all for granted. I have friends going through much harder times and I know how truly blessed we are to be surrounded by a healthy, loving family. I am thankful for our parents who love being grandparents, for friends who throw me a like for every baby photo I overshare, a business that is giving me this time with my daughter and still kicking ass, and having a husband who really gets what being a partner and friend is all about.





Thank you 2014, you have been so good to us. We have each other, a beautiful home and this new little sweet pea who inspired it all to happen. xoxo

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    • Yep, I knew everyone would be excited but its surpassed my expectations. However you define it, family is really all you need. 🙂

  • Well said, B. I’ve always loved your family (and secretly wanted to be a Parker!) and it’s even more perfect with CeCe. Love all the pictures, love your dads shirt and misd you such. Can’t wait to see you soon!