The waiting room


Its my Due Date Eve. I realize a ‘due date’ is arbitrary and really holds no meaning as to when a baby is likely to be born, but for me its something I wasn’t sure would ever happen, and have been waiting for for much longer then 40 weeks. Motherhood has always been a goal of sorts that I’ve never taken lightly and was always willing to wait for. In my adult life I’ve waited indifferently, I’ve waited with great frustration and now that its reality I wait quietly keeping my impatience in check.

I’ve never wanted a baby above all else, even as the years ticked by and the fear set in, I knew I would never be happy and a good mother until I was with the right person.  True happiness always seemed illusive but I knew that having a baby in the wrong time and place would be a setback for me. Instead I spent the past 5 years growing a business, and being in the first mutually respectful, healthy relationship of my life.

2014 has been a ridiculously full year. To say that Terry and I were shocked when the pregnancy test instantly came back positive (3x) in January is an understatement. I’m not sure why, we know how these things happen, but for various reasons we expected more of a challenge in getting pregnant. After 5 years together he was we were used to making decisions at a more leisurely pace. We had just combined our households a couple months prior, which was momentous to us, and now here we were, bonded in the ultimate commitment–a baby was coming.  It makes me believe that God, The Universe, or whoever must be out there with a sense of humor because we just got a major kick in the ass. Time to make some decisions and changes, quick-like. Marriage had been a hot topic of conversation between us for years–always part of the plan but never getting planned, in addition to as putting our big kid pants on and buying a house.

Once the news settled in and the shock wore off we got to work. We decided to marry in San Francisco City Hall in April and we were able to pull it off within a couple weeks. We seriously couldn’t have asked for a better, sunnier day celebrating with a small group of our family and friends. To cap off the perfect day, in the middle of our wedding feast our real estate agent told us that the offer we had in on a house was accepted. Time to get home and pack, we were moving in June.

My parents simultaneously closed on a house a couple of miles away and uprooted their lives in Orange County to be close to their first grandchild. Physically, I’ve had an especially smooth pregnancy but the best part has been seeing how much love we are surrounded by. The first grandchild for both of our families, this kid is coming into a loving village of family and friends who have patiently(ish) supported our relationship over the years but in reality have waited a long, damn time for this to happen.

The last few months have been a whirlwind of packing, paint selection, contractor negotiations, unpacking, organizing, and fixing.  We are now settled, the nursery is ready and our hospital bags are lined up ready to go. We still have a ton we want to do, but we love the space and home we’ve created and I’ve never felt as content as I do now.

And now we wait for Baby Plumb’s arrival.  Its been a long road to get here, and a crazy-ass year, but I know I’m in the right place with the right person and now feel ready to meet this new human that’s joining our family. One might even say I’m happy.

Author: Rebecca

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