X bench makeover


Earlier this summer a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to give a good home to some furniture from her parent-in-laws’ estate. I love old pieces but I especially love furniture (or anything) with a meaningful story that was a part of someone special’s home. I took a couple pieces knowing I could give them a new life and finally got around to some updates. Even though I have a needy infant, she does nap and I need a creative outlet to stay sane. Now that we finally have a house, and the space to work in, it inspired me to knock out a couple projects.

First up is this little X bench. We use it in our entry for a place to drop bags as you come in the door. We have a lot of wood in that area so I wanted to mix in some cooler tones with paint and fabric. Leave it to my mom who’s only lived here for a couple months to find a gem of an upholstery yardage store I haven’t heard of in the 13 years I’ve lived here. A warehouse full of 60″ bolts marked down 50% and often an additional 50% off that. I think I got a couple yards of this Monet-inspired fabric for $5. Insane.



See? Way too many similar wood tones happening, it was begging for some contrast and color. The fabric is hard to see but its a pale peach with a  subtle diamond pattern.




Remembering Jenny’s post on the Critter Spray Gun, I ordered one and recruited (gots to delegate!) my husband to give it a couple quick coats. We had some leftover paint from the bathroom cabinets and it matched the fabric’s gray tones perfectly. I stapled the new material on the top and dunzo! Love what it brings to this corner.




{Critter Spray Gun, Paint: Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal. And if you’re in the Sacramento area you have to check out Triad Plus Fabrics}

Author: Rebecca

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  • Yeah! so happy it is put to good use and looks so lovely. AND you are blogging!!! I keep thinking about writing again for the same reason….I forget to much shit!

  • I love this makeover! I’m impressed that you did this with a newborn. I have a few projects that I need to finish up that I started a lifetime ago.

    ps. I love your new blog! It’s perfect!


    • I’ve had projects in my head for years but actually do have time! Its partly having the mental break from work but also having a house I feel invested in. Its one of my favorite things to do and I haven’t been doing it. Thanks Cara!

  • Becki, Isn’t it fun that we all have some sort of “crafty” thing going? All throughout this family whether it is through blood or marriage or adoption it doesn’t matter. It’s a fun connection. You have such a great sense of color use (as does your mom). Great job!

    • Hey I just realized I had comments! #bloggerfail He liked it ok, he thought maybe easier to just use a brush but the finish is super smooth so I say worth it. 🙂